Monday, March 14, 2016

Syria On Our Minds & in Our Classrooms

What do students need to know about Syria today? How can you help your students understand the complexities of the crisis in Syria? This 60-page resource packet includes news articles and lesson plans focusing on topics such as political and social upheaval, arts, religion, culture, and contemporary life. Several Common Core-aligned lesson plans are featured throughout the packet.

In October 2013, I volunteered with the World Affairs Council's Global Classroom to create a teacher resource packet for educators on the crisis in Syria. Though several years have passed and the state of affairs in Syria has grown even more complicated and devastating, many of the resources found within this packet can still be useful for educators as they teach students about these issues.

Compiled By: Annie Kean, Carrie Simpson, Shannon Dunn, Amy Lutterloh, & Tese Wintz Neighbor

You can find a list of links to the Global Classroom's other teacher resource packets here.

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