Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Curious Creative: Week 8

Photograph as Prompt

This is the eighth installment of The Curious Creative, weekly 10-minute writing exercises for the busy individual interested in exploring her creativity. For the complete rational, click here.  

My Thoughts:

In Week 6, you played around with composition in photography. This week, you will take one photograph from your Week 6 scavenger hunt, and use it as a writing prompt. In case you did not complete Week 6, I will give you a photograph to work with. If you desire to take your writing a step further beyond the 10-minute creative play, you have the option to use your freewrite to create a poem with sensory details and metaphors. 

Your Turn!
  1. Choose one of your photos from Week 6’s scavenger hunt. Or use this photograph as your prompt: 
    photo credit: Dale Scroggins
  1. Freewrite for 5 minutes: What is the concrete object in the photo?
What do you think is happening in this picture? 
  2. Read your freewrite, and underline the golden phrases in your freewrite (phrases that stick out for their beauty, irony, poignancy, etc.). 
  3. Make a list of adjectives that describe the object in the photo in terms of sense imagery (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch).
  4. For several of your sensory adjectives, brainstorm a different object that shares that same quality. (ex: pink – cotton candy; waterproof – Gor-tex jacket) 
  5. Write several metaphors/similes comparing the objects. (ex: Dew rolls off the rose petals like rain on a Gor-tex jacket.)
  6. Combine one-two golden phrases you underlined in your freewrite with two metaphors/similes to create a short poem. 
  7. Come up with title for poem.
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